Go, your faith has made you well...” Mark 5:34

Dear Friends:

Do you have questions about what to believe as a Christian? How are we saved? What is heaven? Is the Bible truth, fact, or fiction? Why is Baptism so important? What if I don’t believe everything we say in the creeds? Are we supposed to pray for stuff? Is Jesus God? Why is there so much ritual in our worship? What is God calling us to do as the Episcopal Church? If you are looking to know more about the faith and understand the Episcopal Church. If you are hoping to be confirmed, to be received, to be reaffirmed in the faith, or to be baptized. If you want to support your youth in their faith journey, then be a part of Episcopal 101 for Adults.

Be a part of the eight weeks of Episcopal 101 for Adults beginning October 1 from 11:30-12:30 in Room 214. Questions and inquiry are encouraged. We’ll delve into the answers. Be surprised at how scripture, reason and tradition reveal the truths of who we are in Christ, and as a tradition that has touched the hearts and souls and minds of folks for hundreds of years as the Anglican Communion and the Episcopal Church.

Each week introduces a new topic exploring the faith. Week One,October 1 we’ll start at our beginning, as a member of a faith community, with our Baptism. Week Two, October 15, bring your Bible as we learn of God’s saving love, grace and mercy for us through the story of God’s people throughout scripture. Week Three, October 22, after looking at our history as God’s people, we’ll look at our history as the Church. What does it mean to be Episcopalian? Week Four, October 29, we’ll pray. Then, we’ll examine the practice of prayer, the prayer Jesus teaches, and why we pray. Week Five, November 5, we’ll romp through The Book of Common Prayer, our manual for worship and prayer. We’ll also examine the Creeds, and why we say what we believe. Week Six, November 19, God gives us spiritual gifts through the Holy Spirit in our Baptism. We’re called to use these gifts to make God’s world known. What are your spiritual gifts? How are you being called to use your gifts? Week Seven, November 26, we’ll walk through our practice of worship. What is a sacrament? Every time we gather, why do we share in the Lord’s Supper? Why do we call it The Great Thanksgiving?  Is Holy Communion another name for the Lord’s Supper? What makes that meal holy? Does it make us holy? Week Eight, December 3, as we explore that basic tenets of major world religions, we may well ask, who is my neighbor? If you’ve been in the church for a long time. Or, if you’ve not been with the church very long at all.  Eight weeks equipping us in the faith with Episcopal 101 for Adults is aimed at those adults seeking, inquiring, wondering and desirous of growing deeper in the faith.

Those youth participating in a parallel eight week class on Sunday mornings will be preparing for Confirmation, known as a mature commitment to the faith. Parents and mentors of youth confirmands may wish to participate in Episcopal 101 for Adults as a way of learning along with your youth and supporting the youth in their journey. Each week, participants from both classes will receive three “Car Questions” to take along on the ride home for shared discussion.

Episcopal 101 for Adults is a time for inquiry, a time for learning, a time for growing deeper in the faith. Be a part of Episcopal 101 for Adults by letting me know you’re in: clergy@coee.org. Eight weeks can be a hefty commitment. We believe these weeks together will bond us to one another as small group ministry in the church so often does. At the same time, stuff happens and attendance is not always possible. So, we ask that in making the commitment to Episcopal 101 for Adults, you covenant to participate in six of the eight classes.  I’m really looking forward to traveling along on this journey with you.

On Sunday baby Grant is being baptized. Come, witness the entrance of the newest member of the body of Christ and give thanks to God for the many blessings we receive as Epiphany! Following 10:00 a.m. worship all new to the life of Epiphany are welcome to attend an informal Newcomer reception, get to know one another and share a bit of how God brought you to Epiphany. As always, it is an honor to serve the Lord and walk along in service with you. See you Sunday!