In addition to those highlighted, we have many other ways you can serve within Epiphany! Here are a few ministries that help keep us able to serve the public:

Buildings & Grounds

Building & Grounds Ministry

Operations Manager: John Borowski

Ministry Leads: Dave Parkerton & Dave Sonnenfeld
Vestry Liaison: Ryan Hale

Epiphany is blessed with an abundance of physical space and ground to accomplish, in the name of Christ, many varied outreach services and ministries. “Church” is not a building — it is our support in time and treasure which empowers Epiphany to accommodate expanding our church and community ministries.

Ministry Activities:

  • Oversee and manage the maintenance and operation of our building and grounds.
  • Keep our facilities in good repair. Maintain the exterior building and grounds, and manage operation of the HVAC and other building systems.
  • Organize Parish Work Days to repair and refurbish the building and maintain the church grounds.
Communications Ministry

Communications Ministry

Communications Director: Nadia Baker

Vestry Liaison: Eliane Perry

The Communications Ministry provides oversight and support to both internal and external parish communications and the physical infrastructure that supports church communication.

Ministry activities

  • Update the parish website design and content
  • Organize and manage social media activities and initiatives
  • Assist with advertising and communications for events (such as Christmas and Easter)
  • Assist with editing weekly newsletter and bulletins
  • Produce various parish brochures and other informational documents and presentations
  • Design and coordinate outdoor signage activity alongside Buildings & Grounds
  • Implement and integrate the use of large-screen displays to enhance worship and other activities
Fellowship Ministry

Fellowship Ministry

Vestry Liaison: Jeanne Trimble

Fellowship and hospitality are important aspects of Epiphany’s ministry and outreach activities. This ministry plans, sets-up and lists volunteers for a variety of parish get-togethers. They also coordinate kitchen related activities. Volunteers carry out the work of this group, and many more are needed!

Ministry activities include:

  • Hosts weekly Fellowship Hour, providing food and refreshments after Sunday Worship
  • Operates the Friendship Cafe, offering food and refreshments during various parish events and activities
  • Annual Meeting luncheon
  • Seasonal Parrish picnics
  • Manages and assists with special events

We have ongoing volunteer recruitment to help with this ministry. Please come join us!

Newcomers Ministry

Newcomers Ministry

Vestry Liaison: Ben Eckman
Ministry Lead: Anne Johnson

Epiphany strives to provide a welcoming environment for newcomers and the nearly new!

Ministry Activities:

  • “Radical hospitality”
  • Greeters welcome everyone to our worship services
  • Name tags are available at the front door. While newcomers can ask to have one made for future visits, this ministry often prepares name tags before being asked
  • Follow-up with visitors
  • Shepherding activities links newcomers with active church members who share similar interests, to help newcomers become an integral part of the church
  • Quarterly Newcomer Social
  • Calling cards of invitation provide business-card sized invitations for parishioners to give to others to invite them to Epiphany for Christmas, Easter, and on an ongoing basis
Servanthood Development Ministry (Stewardship)

Servanthood Development Ministry (Stewardship)

Vestry Liaison: Susan Simmons
Ministry Lead: Elaine Nosaka

Epiphany’s Mission: Epiphany Episcopal Church is building a Christ-centered community, growing in God’s grace, welcoming all in love, and providing for God’s world.

Servanthood Development Ministry’s Mission: To help you to explore and grow into the full joy of life with Epiphany through your generous participation in Epiphany’s work (ministries) and financial giving opportunities.

Servanthood Development Ministry’s Vision: An Epiphany Episcopal Church whose annual giving meets all of its operational requirements in addition to funding its community outreach programs (including a tithe to the Diocese of Virginia) and a growing endowment sufficient to maintain the Epiphany Episcopal Church into perpetuity.

Ministry activities include:

  • Stewardship campaign – Organize and implement the annual giving campaign, to encourage parishioners to pledge their gifts of time, talent, and treasure to Epiphany.
  • Work with other ministries (Newcomers Ministry, Communications Ministry, Teller Team), to encourage new parishioners to Epiphany to make a pledge, as well as help those who have already made a pledge to stay on target.
  • Create and implement ideas to help keep Epiphany’s many ministry activities fresh in the minds our parish to assist ministries in their ongoing effort to seek new volunteers. Our Ministry Speed Dating event held on Celebration Sunday is one example.
  • Develop and organize project-specific campaigns (“capital-ask” campaign, for example), as needed.
  • Develop a planned giving program and a legacy / endowment giving program.
  • Continue to look for other avenues of giving and search for new ways (processes) to make giving easier and more convenient.

Please see to make a pledge or explore was to give and support Epiphany.

Ministry Members: Elaine Nosaka (Team Lead), Susan Simmons (Vestry Liaison), Don Brill, Hillary West, Sharon Nachman and Keola Nosaka.

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