Our Fearless Leaders

The wardens and vestry, elected by the congregation, manage the temporal work of the church. Each member of the Vestry acts as the Vestry Liaison for an Epiphany Ministry area. If you are interested in learning more about a ministry or if you have any questions about Epiphany, please feel free to contact the Senior Warden, Keola Nosaka at srwarden@EpiphanyEC.org. Check back soon for bio’s and photos!

Keola Nosaka

Senior Warden

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My wife, daughter and I began regular worship at Epiphany in May 2012 on the first Sunday when Epiphany returned back to the Episcopal church — there were about 14 souls in attendance that Sunday! While I currently serve as Senior Warden for a year, I also serve on the Servanthood Development Ministry (Stewardship), Teller Operations Team, Finance Committee, and have the privilege to sit with and witness our dedicated Preschool Board in action. Previously, I’ve also served on the Communications Ministry for a few years. God’s love surrounds us, as I witness every day the amazingly hard working, talented and loving servants (fellow Epiphany sisters and brothers — parishioners and staff) with whom it is an honor and privilege to serve.

Michelle Walter

Adult Education Ministry

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I started attending Epiphany almost 4 years ago. My parents invited me because I was looking for a church community where I could bring my young family but also grow spiritually myself. I love that in the Adult Education Ministry we go out of our way to challenge ourselves and each other in using critical thinking and reason when approaching our studies. I also love our commitment to Interfaith Dialogue. I believe in our Ministry’s mission. We have such an amazing opportunity to grow as a Ministry and in our offerings to Epiphany and the community. I am honored to be the Vestry Liaison for the Adult Education Ministry.

Melissa Woodhead

Children & Family Ministry

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I feel very blessed to have found a church home at Epiphany for my family for the past 3 years. At Epiphany I currently serve as the Vestry liaison to the Children, Youth, and Family Ministry team, and teach in our 1st and 2nd grade Sunday School classes. Our ministry team is made up of loving, dedicated volunteers who prepare Epiphany’s children, youth, and families to be faithful followers of Christ through worship, instruction, and community. I also lead the youth acolyte program, serve as a Lay Eucharistic Minister and Reader, and frequently play the harp at Celtic Worship. I consider it a great privilege to be a part of Epiphany’s journey as we share the good news of God’s grace and love.

Elaine Perry

Communications Ministry

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My family and I have been worshipping at Epiphany since January 2016, shortly after moving to this area. I love working with the Communications ministry because it supports all the other ministries, and because it is such an important part of the growth of the church. I feel that having thorough and timely internal and external communications is necessary for a vibrant church community.

Mary Erdeljon

Community Outreach Ministry

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Jeanne Trimble

Fellowship Ministry

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I’ve attended church at Epiphany since January 1990. What I love about the Fellowship Ministry is the people I get to work with. We are blessed with team members who donate their time and cooking talents in helping ensure that the congregation has opportunities to share time together every Sunday and during other special events. Initially I was assigned as the Vestry Liaison to Fellowship, but when I had the opportunity to continue as their liaison, I was more than willing to do so.

Susan Simmons

Servanthood Development Ministry

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I arrived at Epiphany five years ago, just after the parish arrived back “on the corner.” I was elected to the vestry in 2015, and, along with Ministry Chair Anne Johnson, worked to reinvigorate the Newcomer Ministry. In 2017, I was assigned to be vestry liaison to the Servanthood Development Ministry, where I am putting my professional fund development experience to work. I believe that making a financial commitment to the work of Epiphany through pledging is an important, tangible aspect of one’s spiritual commitment. I travel, as often as I can, to visit her 3 children and 9 grandchildren, who are scattered in Connecticut, Vermont, and Southern California.

Richard Durkin

Worship & Finance Ministry

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Our family transferred from St. Anne’s in Reston to the Episcopal “Church of the Epiphany” in the early2000’s, and left when many in the congregation voted to become Anglican in 2006.  We rejoined Epiphany Episcopal Church when we saw the portable signs outside Oak Hill ES around 2009. The small church with great potential welcomed us, and gave us a chance to grow. In the Worship Ministry, there is room for all who want to take part in the worship service, whether it be on the altar, in the choir, or behind the scenes.  All it takes is a willingness to try something new. As someone with an inclination toward public service, my project management and communication skills contribute to continuing growth in Epiphany Episcopal Church.  As an active volunteer in community theatre, I can also help to bring “stage presence” to those participating in worship services.

Doug Hansen

Christian Support Ministry

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I have been a member of Epiphany for 2 1/2 years. I oversee and chair the Christian Support Team. I love this ministry as we have an opportunity to support and encourage others. I think encouragement is one of my spiritual gifts.