Our Fearless Leaders

The wardens and vestry, elected by the congregation, manage the temporal work of the church. Each member of the Vestry acts as the Vestry Liaison for an Epiphany Ministry area. If you are interested in learning more about a ministry or if you have any questions about Epiphany, please feel free to┬ácontact the Senior Warden, Keola Nosaka at srwarden@coee.org. Check back soon for bio’s and photos!

Keola Nosaka Senior Warden
Ryan Hale Junior Warden
Don Brill Treasurer
Melissa Woodhead Children, Youth, & Family Ministry
Elaine Perry Communications Ministry
Mary Erdeljon Outreach Ministry
Jeanne Trimble Fellowship Ministry
Ben Eckman Newcomers Ministry
Susan Simmons Servanthood Development
Richard Durkin Worship & Finance
Doug Hansen Christian Support
Susan Buckner Registrar