Vestry Liaison: Richard Durkin

Worship is the central act of thanks and praise that we, as the Episcopal Church offer to God as a collective body through word, prayer, sacrament and music. Central to our worship is the Lord’s Supper — Holy Communion which feeds and nourishes us to be about God’s work in the world.

Ministry Activities:

  • Recruit, train, and schedule Lay Eucharistic Ministers (LEMs), Lay Readers, Ushers, and Acolytes.
  • Build, train, and rehearse a joyful sound of choir voices who sing each Sunday, including the Praise Band and the Children’s Choir (see our Music Ministry  for more information about these groups)
  • Plan hymns, choir anthems, and service readings for each worship service.
  • Plan special services including monthly Family Worship, Celtic Worship, weekly Wednesday morning chapel, holiday series, and special events (including concerts).
  • Care and clean the vestments for the choir, LEMs, and acolytes.

Worship Ministry seeks to increase the number of trained Acolytes and Lay Eucharistic ministers, continue to incorporate more blended music in worship services, increase children’s choir and increase the choir director and principal musician responsibilities to include the exploration and planning of alternative worship.

The Alter Guild is a major supporting group within this ministry. The alter guild is also seeking members to assist in the care of the altar and “preparing the table for our Eucharistic meal.”

Lay Readers and Acolytes

Scripture is an integral part of our service, and our members are invited to be a part of the Lay Reader ministry. Contact Richard Durkin at if you would like to participate.

We are also growing the number of Acolytes and Young Acolytes who participate in our worship services. Additional volunteers are welcome!